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Who are we?

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Who are we?

Leader in the healthcare world

HEALTH STAND is one of the subsidiaries of the UVGM holding. Since its existence a few years ago, STAND SANTÉ has acquired a leadership position in the health sector thanks to its strong experience in the health sector, the long experience of its leaders in the Moroccan health system. Our ambition is to meet multiple needs by listening to the market and putting the patient at the center of our concerns. Through our slogan "...", we hope to contribute to the establishment of quality care for the benefit of Moroccan patients.
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HEALTH STAND is a company specializing in the distribution of medical devices which continues to innovate by offering in the Moroccan market, under the same brand, products at the cutting edge of technology and services assisted by modern information technology ensuring comprehensive care continuous and permanent. Thus STAND SANTE has developed over the course of its experience, unique know-how in the field of medical equipment and care services, giving it a leading position in the health market.

This business unit covers the following areas: medical furniture, sterilization, operating theaters, resuscitation and medicine for degenerative patients.

This business unit covers the following areas: teleconsultation (electronic consultation services), tele-expertise, telesurveillance, tele-assistance).

This business unit covers the following areas: outpatient care of patients Home Hospitalization HAD and Home Care SAD…

National distributor of medical devices

HEALTH STAND places its customers and partners at the heart of its concerns, ensuring that they are attentive to their needs by marketing a complete range of medical equipment meeting increasingly specific needs and which currently meets almost all of the needs of a clinic or hospital.

Connected medicine at the service of our customers and partners

HEALTH STAND is actively involved in the dissemination of good professional practices by offering its clients solid technical expertise; thanks to its versatile competent technical team, and a wide range of healthcare professionals. Our teams support our clients and partners in choosing the most appropriate technological solutions, all in strict compliance with the standards and requirements of the health sector.
We are proud to count both public and private sector actors among our clients and to have participated in the most important health sector projects in the country.